Core Module in Healthcare Ethics, Law & Professionalism (for Pharmacists)

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Course Description

This one-day course aims to train pharmacists to identify and address common ethical and moral issues in the clinical setting. This course is designed to be interactive – consisting of short didactic sessions and online learning. The online learning will provide you the foundation of ethical core values while the didactic sessions will hone your understanding of these values through group discussions, analysis of cases and application of ethical values and principles. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and exchange ideas with other learners on the application of ethical knowledge to existing work practices.


  • Develop a sound ethical and professional approach to practice
  • Acquire essential knowledge of duty of care, consent, mental capacity, confidentiality, accountability, integrity and justice, grounded in the Singapore practice context
  • Able to address some ethical and professional dilemmas in daily practice
  • Deputy Director
    CBmE, NUS
    Dr Sumytra Menon
    Deputy Director
    CBmE, NUS
Course structure

Part 1 Part 2
Description Modules & Readings in Clinical Ethics Case-Based Interactive Workshop
  • Methods & principles of clinical ethics
  • Consent and mental capacity
  • End of life
  • Communication and documentation
  • Other contextual concerns
  • Case-based Interactive Workshop
  • Differences in clinical opinion about appropriate pharmacotherapy, contrary to the physician’s instructions
  • Emerging autonomy & sensitivity to patients’ concerns
  • Suspected abuse of non-prescription medicines
  • Palliative medication for patient nearing end-of-life
Format Online learning videos and readings Interactive small group sessions
Date and Time N/A Run 1
4 April 2023 (Tuesday)| 2 – 6pm
6 April 2023 (Thursday) | 2 – 6pm
Run 2
15 May 2023 (Monday) | 2 – 6pm
17 May 2023 (Wednesday) |2 – 6pm
Run 3
19 July 2023 (Wednesday) | 2 – 6pm
20 July 2023 (Thursday) | 2 – 6pm
Run 4
31 July 2023 (Monday) | 2 – 6pm
03 Aug 2023 (Thursday)| 2 – 6pm

Blended (Synchronous Online Sessions + Asynchronous e-Learning)