Committee on Clinical Ethics

The Committee on Clinical Ethics (COCE) aims to improve communication and mutual support among Singaporean clinical ethics committees (CECs), and identify areas that need further development and training. It is an informal group consisting of the CEC chairpersons, meeting two or three times a year. The benefits of COCE include:

Chairpersons will meet each other and the CENTRES team in a group setting, facilitating future collaborations, communications and mutual assistance.

At meetings, chairpersons will discuss challenges, successes, strategies, perspectives, and other thoughts that will help inform others’ practice.

Chairpersons who face difficult issues, be they organizational or ethical, can work with other chairpersons to evaluate the problem and find acceptable solutions.

CENTRES will use the content of discussions at the meetings to further tailor training programmes to local needs, both directly by soliciting feedback on desired training, and indirectly by observing topics where chairpersons are particularly interested in or find challenging.