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    We organize webinars, workshops and conferences covering areas of practical application and which meets the needs of the clinical and research ethics community.

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    We curate news, publications and upcoming events from around the world relevant to clinical and research ethics.

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    Professional Committees

    We host networking meetings for Chairs/senior reps of CECs and IRBs to discuss complex and/or challenging cases and encourage consistency in practice across the communities.

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    Our cases and e-modules on clinical and research ethics can be made available for educational purposes.

Tweets by Centre for Biomedical Ethics

📢 Welcome to our new Senior Executive Marissa Iskandar

who will provide administrative support to our @CENTRESsg educational programme

➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/people_uri/marissa-iskandar/ ⬅️

It was a pleasure to welcome @DanyaVears to @NUS_CBmE last week. And fantastic to be able to host visitors from around the world in Singapore again *in person* 😁 Thanks Danya for sharing your analysis of attitudes towards sharing secondary and incidental findings in genomics.

COVID-19 differentiated measures for unvaccinated individuals: The need for clear goals and strong justifications

Teck Chuan Voo, @JulianSavulescu, @G_Owen_Schaefer, Abel Ho Zhi Ling, @nus_sling


Interested in a career in academic bioethics? I have limited ringfenced funding for PhD scholarships at @NUS_CBmE - info here, including indicative potential thesis topics: https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/education/graduate-programmes/. Happy to discuss details with prospective students.

📢 A very warm welcome to our new director @juliansavulescu

We are exited about this new chapter for CBmE under his leadership, from the end of this month


Absolutely thrilled that in less than a month @juliansavulescu will be joining @NUS_CBmE as our new director! An exciting time for CBmE, and I look forward to the next phase of our centre under Julian's directorship.

📢 ABR Overview 2021 – 13/16

✅ h5 Index for 2020 is 7
✅ 150,970 full-text article accesses in 2021 (6-fold of 2019)
✅ In 2020, we were mentioned in 23 news stories, 661 tweets, 45 Facebook posts & 3 other sources (Altmetric)

#Bioethics #AcademicPublishing #Transparency

Risk stratification: an important tool in the special review of research using oocytes and embryos

@G_Owen_Schaefer & Teck Chuan Voo

JME ➡️ https://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2022/07/21/jme-2022-108527.abstract ⬅️

Continuing Education & Training:

Healthcare Ethics & Law

Sumytra Menon & Lee See Muah

03Oct22 6-8pm - Mental Capacity
17Oct22 6-8pm - Shared Decision-making
31Oct22 6-8pm - Caring for Vulnerable Patients

Info & Registration ➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/education/seminar-series-on-healthcare-ethics/ ⬅️

“Heads up”: Acceptability of genetic risk notification to family members by a healthcare provider


at the #IAB2022 @WCB2022 in Basel, Switzerland

Just heard @SereneAKOng give very compelling back-to-back virtual #IAB2022 #WCB2022 presentations on familial disclosure and online interview methodology, both stemming from her thesis work at @NUS_CBmE. Good job Serene! (neglected to take a screenshot, sry)

Wonderful Day 1 of #IAB2022 in #Basel with morning presentations on #ethics of #tradeoffs in #mhealth , #AI in #medicaleducation, symptom checkers, #solidarity and self tracking in #insurance, and a presentation by @KCaals & I on #publichealth #digitalization in #India & #China.

We've just wrapped our stimulating #WCB2022 panel on vaccine equity. Thanks to fellow panellists Florencia Luna, @ZekeEmanuel, Carla Saenz and @OFNorheim, to the audience (physical and virtual) for their pressing queries and discussion, and @bettizimm for technical support.

BIG THANK YOU to @Mathavisen @KCaals & Alison Hall @PHGFoundation for the brilliant presentations in #IAB2022 symposium on the #ethics of #contacttracing #apps , & to @JoschkaHalt @c_timmermann @DiegoSilvaPhD Florencia Luna & colleagues for insightful comments & participation!!

Happening now - @amurali284 presenting during the opening breakout of #IAB2022, on our paper arguing for some degree of producer priority for vaccines. Full paper forthcoming in Bioethics. @IABioethics

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