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    We organize webinars, workshops and conferences covering areas of practical application and which meets the needs of the clinical and research ethics community.

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    We curate news, publications and upcoming events from around the world relevant to clinical and research ethics.

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    Professional Committees

    We host networking meetings for Chairs/senior reps of CECs and IRBs to discuss complex and/or challenging cases and encourage consistency in practice across the communities.

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    Our cases and e-modules on clinical and research ethics can be made available for educational purposes.

Tweets by Centre for Biomedical Ethics

📢 Short Course:

#Bioethics for Outer Space

11, 13, 18 & 20 July 2023
SAO 7-9:30am
Nairobi 1-3:30pm
Delhi 3:30-6pm
Manila 6-8:30pm

↘️ ↙️
5 Sponsorships:
✅ from LMICs
✅ students (anywhere)
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Info & Apply by 30 April ➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/education/bioethics-for-outer-space/ ⬅️

📢 Out Now:

CBmE #ClinicalEthics Bulletin
Issue 15, February 2023

➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/cbme-bulletin/ ⬅️

📢 Short Course

Ethics of #BigData & #AI: Issues in Health & Healthcare

@JulianSavulescu @G_Owen_Schaefer V Cole @AMurali284

21, 23, 27, 30 March 2023
NYC 5:30-8am
UK 21/23 9:30am-12pm - 27/30 10:30am-1pm
Delhi 3-5:30pm
SG 5:30-8pm
Sydney 8:30-11pm


🚨 We are hiring 🚨

Join our team as Assoc (or Assist) Prof in #Bioethics

with possible specialisms in #ReproEthics #Genethics #NeuroEthics #AIEthics #ClinicalEthics #HealthcareEthics #HealthSystemsEthics #PublicHealthEthics

Apply by 22 March 2023➡️ https://careers.nus.edu.sg/NUS/job/YONG-LOO-LIN-SCH-OF-MEDICINE-AssociateAssistant-Professor-%28CBmE%29-Kent/13672544/ ⬅️

📢 Short Course:

#Bioethics for Outer Space

Victor Cole

11, 13, 18 & 20 July 2023
NYC 6-8:30am
UK 11am-1:30pm
SG 6-8:30pm
Sydney 8-10:30pm

Info & Registration ➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/education/bioethics-for-outer-space/ ⬅️

I remember the 2009 hearings on the same topic which resulted in the collapse of the 'Swift IRB'. We'll see if any legislative changes emerge, I guess unlikely in this political environment. By contrast, for example, Singapore simply prohibits free-standing, for-profit IRBs. https://twitter.com/HollyLynchez/status/1626292120406351878

Holly Fernandez Lynch @HollyLynchez

Coming tomorrow: GAO report on commercial IRBs. Story here in @washingtonpost: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2023/02/16/irb-research-ethics-private-equity/

Is Transparency about the Line between Life and Death Good for #OrganDonation?

by our new Prof @JerryMenikoff

@bioethics_net ➡️ https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15265161.2022.2159580
#Bioethics #TransplantEthics

📢 Join our enthusiastic & creative team ‼️

We are looking for a #ProjectManager to help us build a vibrant, inclusive and collaborative #bioethics community in South East Asia

➡️ https://law.um.edu.my//news/um-law-hiring-project-manager ⬅️

#ISSCR Lawrence Goldstein Science Policy Fellow, Tamra Lysaght (@TamraLysaght), uses ethics research to help patients make informed decisions on proven & disproven #stemcell & gene therapies.

Read her #MemberMonday spotlight to learn more

📢 Welcome to our new Assistant Manager Sarah Kay

who will provide secretarial & administrative support to CBmE’s Director

➡️ https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/cbme/people_uri/sarah-kay/ ⬅️

The Petrov dilemma: Moral responsibility in the age of #ChatGPT


@Straits_Times: https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/the-petrov-dilemma-moral-responsibility-in-the-age-of-chatgpt

You know you’ve finally made it in mental capacity law when Alex Ruck Keene @39CapacityLaw invites you into the hallowed walls of his shed! Here, @daisytmcheung and I discuss our new book on advance directives across Asia. Available now open access. https://www.mentalcapacitylawandpolicy.org.uk/advance-directives-across-asia-in-conversation-with-daisy-cheung-and-michael-dunn/

#AdvanceDirectives Across #Asia: A Comparative Socio-legal Analysis

edited by @DaisyTMCheung & @ethical_Mikey Dunn

@CambridgeUP ✅Open Access ✅ https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/advance-directives-across-asia/603FD5B98647E49A7D81F63D3BC02E29
#HealthLaw #Bioethics @HKU_Law

Great to catch up today with our Malaysian neighbours @AimiNMYusof, @markwtan and their colleagues at Universiti Teknologi MARA, UPNM and UM. Lots of ideas in the pipeline for new teaching and research collaborations.

📢 11th CENTRES #ClinicalEthics Conference

What is to be done about unwanted old age #loneliness?

Angelique Chan, @NoreenChanSg, Kalyani Mehta, Kenny Tan, Leong Ying Yong, @JulianSavulescu

Singapore, 6 & 7 February 2023
#Bioethics #HomeCare @sporeMOH @CAREDukeNUS

📢 11th CENTRES #ClinicalEthics Conference

Old-age loneliness in Singapore

Angelique Chan

Singapore, 6 & 7 February 2023
#Bioethics #HomeCare @sporeMOH @CAREDukeNUS

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