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    We organize webinars, workshops and conferences covering areas of practical application and which meets the needs of the clinical and research ethics community.

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    We curate news, publications and upcoming events from around the world relevant to clinical and research ethics.

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    Professional Committees

    We host networking meetings for Chairs/senior reps of CECs and IRBs to discuss complex and/or challenging cases and encourage consistency in practice across the communities.

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    Our cases and e-modules on clinical and research ethics can be made available for educational purposes.

Tweets by Centre for Biomedical Ethics

#Vaccination of individuals lacking decision-making capacity during a #PublicHealth emergency

@G_Owen_Schaefer, @DrTessJohnson, Ryan Friets, Sumytra Menon & @JulianSavulescu

@J_Law_Biosci ✅ Open Access ✅ https://academic.oup.com/jlb/article/9/2/lsac030/6763560
#Bioethics @EthicsInTheNews

At #AABHL2022,

@Ethical_Mikey speaks on disrupting moral worlds in the pursuit of good practice

a project in collaboration with @ProfJonIves from @BristolEthics
#Bioethics #AABHL @AABHL @WePublicHealth

At #AABHL2022,

Chan Hui Yun & Toh Hui Jin discuss the cross-border transfer of sensitive #HealthData for mobile digital technologies

#Bioethics #DigitalHealth #mHealth #DataEthics #DataGovernance #AABHL @AABHL @WePublicHealth

At #AABHL2022, @TamraLysaght presents #POEIMS: Professional Oversight of Emergency-Use Interventions and Monitoring Systems, co-published with @G_Owen_Schaefer Voo Teck Chuan @HweelinWee & Roy Joseph: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11673-022-10171-1
#Bioethics #AABHL @AABHL @WePublicHealth

At #AABHL2022, @MathaviSen argues that, while legal, #Singapore's differential #COVIDー19 subsidies based on vaccination status, is ethically problematic
#Bioethics #AABHL @AABHL @WePublicHealth

Lightning round: Ryan Friets, RA at @NUS_CBmE, on intervening in cases of undue influence. Argues autonomy shld be applied symetrically: when patient accepts treatment, and when patient declines. #AABHL2022

It’s always a pleasure to listen to @G_Owen_Schaefer. Today the discussion is about MEURI (emergency use of unregistered interventions) and how it IS indeed research. Continuing the trend of bold statements and proposals I’ve heard so far @AABHL @WePublicHealth !!!!!

Congratulations to Margaret Palazzo from @ANUMedSchool and
@SereneAKOng of @NUS_CBmE who, as joint winners of this years Max Charlesworth Prize, both presented their work today at the annual @AABHL conference: https://medicalschool.anu.edu.au/research/research-stories/medical-student-takes-out-bioethics-association%E2%80%99s-best-essay-prize #AABHL2022

Fantastic presentation on empirical bioethics by @ethical_mikey. Learnt so much from it (especially about worries about different ways to justify thick integration). #aabhl2022

I neglected to take photographic evidence, but @amurali284 has wrapped his #AABHL2022 talk on our paper applying a public justification framework to IRB. In a nutshell: in cases of reasonable disagreement, defer to researchers. https://aabhlconference.com/4872

#AABHL2022 is a go. Really excited to be in Tasmania for 3 days of bioethics chat with old friends, new friends and 8 good friends and colleagues from the @NUS_CBmE crew

The morally disruptive future of reprogenetic enhancement technologies

@ruetxe Jonathan Pugh & @JulianSavulescu

@TrendsinBiotech ✅ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167779922002785
#Bioethics @CanalUGR @ethicsinthenews

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